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How Gary Vaynerchuk Used Content to Grow his Ecommerce Store

It has been said again and again that content is king. But how many of us actually understand this vital statement? Well, Gary Vaynerchuk proved that by giving away best content for free, you can build a long-term brand that stays in the marketplace and generates consistent sales.

One might ask how he grew Wine Library from $3M to $60M in just 5 years and I would say most of the credit goes to his quality content. Giving away free content does not affect your sales, but rather it’s quite the opposite.

It increases your trust and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers and they perceive you as an expert on the subject matter. I personally believe that only those will survive who constantly solves the problems of their audience by providing valuable content.

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Here are some basic principles of content creation:

#1 Imperfect Action

So, if you have decided to start the content creation journey for your personal brand or business then you must take action without perfecting the details.

Don’t have an HD camera? No problem – start with your mobile camera. The point is to move with speed and execute the tasks at hand.

Don’t get stuck waiting for the “perfect” moment because it doesn’t exist. If you see the archives of Wine Library TV, you will see that Gary started with a simple camera without fancy editing or graphic designing.

#2 Consistency

There is no substitute to this. It applies to every form of content, whether it’s written, audio and video. You must be consistent. Otherwise, your audience will connect to a different voice who is more consistent than you.

It is said that you must learn to work harder before you work smarter. In the beginning, as you will have low budget, you will be doing everything yourself from preparing the video transcripts to video editing, but as you advance and start generating income, you can simply outsource the “boring” tasks but before that, you must be consistent with your content creation.

#3 Spread the Content

There is no point in creating amazing content if you are the only person watching it. You must learn how to drive traffic on your content using various traffic sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the likes.

You can learn paid advertising as well as free traffic methods according to your budget. Once you have built a strong audience of like-minded people, you can then start monetizing using affiliate programs or getting sponsors – the list is endless.

According to Gary, one should follow his passion and create the business around it so that it gives you the fuel to keep moving in spite of difficulty or hardship. While content creation is not the easiest job you will encounter in your lifetime, but it sure has its rewards!

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