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Meet Ayas

Meet Ayas

Hey there, I’m a fresh-looking 45 year old male from Israel and I work full-time as a plumber. The purpose behind AyasYard.com is to share my knowledge and contribute to the plumbing community as I learn new things in my field.

On this blog, you will find plumbing techniques that I personally apply, the tools and machinery that I use for quick problem-solving. I’ve over 15 years of extensive experience in plumbing industry so I’m quite confident that I can share a thing or two.

I will be offering 1-on-1 & virtual coaching to plumbers who are interested in expanding their business, increasing their income and working more efficiently as a plumber. The key to work in ANY area as professionally as possible is the THEORETICAL understanding of the subject. I’m not saying that practical portion is not required. In fact, both are OF equal value.

In my professional experience, I have heard people complaining about the plumbing industry as “low profit” and “too much work” but the ground reality is that NO CAREER OR PROFESSIONAL LINE is FAULTY, it is you who is the fault! It reminds me of a beautiful quote that goes like this:


Wherever you go, there you are.


The best part of being a plumber is that you can repair small things in your house! Just kidding. Well, to be honest the best part is new challenges, new places to visit, good income and the satisfaction one gets from working.

So, let’s talk about some topics that I will be covering on AyasYard – the first and foremost is Plumbing Tools. I will be sharing high quality tools that will aid you in your field. When you want to build a house, you need cement, bricks, wood, labor and things like that, otherwise it’s not possible to build a house.

The second topic will be about Mistakes in which I will be sharing common mistakes that I committed as a beginner and these are the same mistakes which most amateur plumbers make. This topic embeds 15 YEARS of extensive knowledge & experience so it’ll be a game changer.

I hope you have a fun time on my blog and please do share with your colleagues or anyone else who needs to see it – it will be a huge pleasure. Furthermore, in the near future I will deploy an Advanced course for Plumbers and will show them how to increase their income without changing jobs or locations!

Your friend,